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Industrial Chemicals

Our high quality, natural, and synthetic chemicals play a significant role in a wide variety of applications that affect nearly all of our consumer products. Whether in Cleaning, Detergent, Mining, Water Treatment, Paint and Coating, Foam or Tannery, we are the right partner for you. Learn more about our industrial chemicals and our extensive product range.

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We are your reliable partner for high-quality intermediates and solvents in the pharmaceutical industry. Our products play an important role in the production of pharmaceuticals and meet the stringent requirements and certifications of the industry. Rely on our experience and responsibility in this field, which is the basis for human and veterinary medicine.

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Our product line includes a wide range of polymers, including high-performance polymers with mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties, as well as standard polymers used in various applications. We are aware that every project is unique. That's why we also offer custom polymer solutions specifically tailored to your individual requirements.

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Oil & Gas

The Jeboil brand of Jebsen & Jessen stands as a seal of quality for Oil & Gas products. Our range includes products such as Dyckerhoff Cement API Class G, Dyckerhoff Mikrodur Cement, Hollow Ceramic Spheres (Ceramic Bubbles), and Hollow Glass Microspheres (Glass Bubbles), all of which carry our JebOil brand seal. We also offer a wide range of products for the Oil & Gas industry. Rely on our products to meet your needs in this industry.

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The chemical specialties industry is extremely diverse and plays a significant role in various areas of business and daily life. Through the development and application of specialized chemicals, products are improved, processes are made more efficient, and innovative solutions are created. From flame retardants and UV stabilizers to food processing and hair cosmetics, numerous industries benefit from advances in the specialty sector. Feel free to contact us for more information on our range of specialties.

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Food additives

Optimize shelf life, consistency, and emulsions in food - with our high-quality additives! Our products meet EU standards and are tested in German laboratories to provide you with the safest and best quality solutions. Rely on our expertise to improve your products and delight customers.

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Home & Personal Care

Rely on our additives for consumer-friendly home & personal care products. We provide you with the best ingredients for cosmetic products. Also, discover our innovative raw materials for the detergents and cleaners’ industry and learn more about their wide range of applications. Together, we create products that meet consumer needs.

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