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Quality Oil & Gas Products with Jeboil Brand

At Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals, we proudly present Jeboil, our esteemed brand that signifies unparalleled quality in Oil & Gas products. Our extensive range of products carries the Jeboil seal, including renowned offerings such as Dyckerhoff Cement API Class A and G HSR, Dyckerhoff Mikrodur Cement, Hollow Ceramic Spheres (Ceramic Bubbles), Hollow Glass Microspheres (Glass Bubbles), and Barite API. These exceptional products are the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence in the Oil & Gas industry.

Comprehensive Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry

Beyond our signature Jeboil products, we provide a diverse array of additives with varying formulations tailored to the Oil & Gas sector. Our global presence and strategic partnerships, particularly in South America, position us as a reliable supplier, ensuring consistent quality and service that you can depend on.

Introducing Jebsen & Jessen Ecuador: Expanding Horizons in Oil & Gas

In 2022, our Oil & Gas division marked a significant milestone by entering the Ecuadorian market. Our focus lies in delivering additives and specialized cement, specifically Cement Clase G, catering to the unique demands of the Oil & Gas industry in Ecuador. Our specialized cements, including Clase G and Mikrodur, are renowned for their unparalleled quality and durability in the cement market.

Collaborating with a dynamic team Jebsen & Jessen Ecuador has swiftly established itself among premier O&G clients. We are dedicated to expanding our offerings under the "Jeboil" brand, continuously growing our portfolio to better serve your needs.

With Jebsen & Jessen Ecuador, you gain access to a trusted partner, backed by the expertise and knowledge of our exceptional team.

Jebsen & Jessen Colombia: Opening New Markets With a Strong Team

In November 2023, we expanded our oil and gas activities in Colombia with the founding of our subsidiary Jebsen & Jessen Colombia.

Our team in Colombia will now handle all matters related to the Colombian market and will continue to expand our product portfolio for the oil and gas industry.

With Jebsen & Jessen Colombia, we rely on our strong network and are thus at your side as a reliable partner.

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