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Driving Efficiency and Innovation Across Diverse Sectors

The industrial chemistry sector plays a pivotal role in the creation and application of natural and synthetic chemicals, forming the foundation of countless products we encounter daily. At Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals, we are your premier B2B trading partner, providing essential chemical solutions to key industries, propelling progress and enhancing production processes.

From maintaining pristine environments to improving operational efficiency, our industrial chemicals are indispensable across vital sectors:

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Industrial Chemicals


Cleaning Industry: Enhancing Hygiene and Beyond

Industries reliant on cleanliness turn to our industrial chemicals. These potent solutions eliminate stubborn contaminants and ensure impeccable sanitation. Our chemicals not only serve households and public spaces but also contribute to maintaining hygienic manufacturing facilities.

Fueling Detergent Excellence

The chemical realm supplies vital components for detergent and cleaning product manufacturing. Our ingredients enable efficient stain and dirt removal while safeguarding the surfaces being cleaned.

Revolutionizing Mining Processes

In the mining industry, our industrial chemicals optimize ore extraction, processing, and separation. Utilizing acids, solvents, and other substances, we elevate mining efficiency, facilitating the extraction of valuable minerals like gold.

Water Treatment Solutions for Purity

Water treatment chemicals are pivotal for purification, disinfection, and pH adjustment. Our chemicals play a critical role in ensuring access to clean and safe drinking water.

Elevating Paint and Coating Performance

Indispensable in paint and coating production, our chemicals imbue products with desired qualities such as color, durability, and adhesion. Additionally, these chemicals contribute to environmental sustainability and reduced emissions.

Enabling Foam Versatility

Foam creation relies on our industrial chemicals. By facilitating the formation of stable, lightweight foam, our solutions find applications in upholstery, packaging, construction, and beyond.

Transforming Tannery Processes

In the leather industry, our chemicals aid tanning, dyeing, and impregnation processes, ensuring the creation of high-quality, durable leather products.

For superior industrial chemicals driving efficiency and innovation across Cleaning, Detergent, Mining, Water Treatment, Paint and Coating, Foam, and Tannery industries, partner with Jebsen & Jessen Chemicals -- Your Trusted B2B Chemical Supplier.

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